Podcast 05-01-2024

Din Of Celestial Birds – Launch
Da Voile – Light years apart, too close for love
ṘO – Hapaka
Collapse Under The Empire – Revelation
Extraworld – Axial precession
Absence Of Field – The mailman
Seabreather – Exist at the abyss
Elcia – The tempest

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Podcast 06-01-2023

It Was A Good Dream – Drawing your recurve
Oldernar – Slow, flow and detach
There’s A Light – Elpis
Seabreather – A theme for twilight tides
Voice Of Art – Ten days of silence
A Reason To Travel – Buildings, ruins
Almøst Silent – Transitions
FORT – Apnoea
Distance In Time – Deep river crossing

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Podcast 30-12-2022

l a p s e s – Do geese see god?
Sleep Dealer – Motherland
Meine Stille – Be my blue sky!
In/Waves – Northfleet
Ranges – Crown
Atonalita (feat Yenisei) – Looking back at home
Seabreather – Together we are the sky (act II)
Soonago – Evac

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Podcast 08-07-2022

In The Waking World – Maybe it never was
After-Math – Fare thee well
Seabreather – Alone you are the night
Tides Of Man – Outside ourselves
Deer Park Ranger – Runes
Nils Olav – Dolphin race
VLMV – For empire
SVIN – Obelisk

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Podcast 13-05-2022

Seabreather – In formation of foundation
Absence Of Field & At The Grove – Kaneda
PG.Lost – Oscillate
Yoo Doo Right – The failure of stiff, tired friends
Where Mermaids Drown – Mydriasis
Astodan – The falls
The Dimidium Affair – Mouches volantes
Hereafter – Late night drives

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