De Mist presents: MMTH

De Mist is presenting the upcoming tour of German post rockband MMTH. The band from Aurich will be climbing on stages in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.
For a couple of nights the band would need some help to book a venue.

MMTH released their second album Infinite Heights in November 2023 as their follow-up to the impressive debut Paternoster from 2017. The album title Infinite Heights could not have been more striking. While many typical elements from post-rock were audible on Paternoster, these are less present on Infinite Heights. They no longer need them, because MMTH itself adds new elements to the genre. Infinite Heights may therefore be less predictable, but it is certainly not experimental. MMTH shows that they are even more attuned to each other and that together they are increasingly pushing the boundaries of their reach. The Sky Is The Limit? Fine, but then Infinite Heights is the soundtrack.

Infinite Heights is available on CD and LP here:

On the 8th of May (the night before Ascension day) the band will return to the Netherlands for a show in Vera, Groningen, as support for A Burial At Sea.

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