Din Of Celestial Birds – The Night Is For Dreamers

The debutalbum The Night Is For Dreamers by British postrockband Din Of Celestial Birds was released in August of 2023 and already within a year they ran out of copies, so they had to repress them. Expect a dreamy debut by one of the most exciting new bands in the European post-rock scene, as it showcases gentle crescendos and evocative climaxes and is the complete post-rock package. But, being a complete package does not imply that you are cliché.
First of all, the band from Leeds do not create their music with two, but with three guitarists, which gives them more creative freedom. Check out for example their song Junebug, in which their layered wall of guitars comes rolling over your head, but take a good listen to the hidden details. While the albumopener Utopia is starting rather joyfull, the album progresses into more darker atmospheres along the way. Yes, Din Of Celestial Birds Birds are building up cresendos and climaxes to which the genre is famous, but the band also offers a fresh input to that. These are the things that make them stand out from the overcrowded cinematical postrock genre. Some songs really jump out, like Laureate Of American Lowlife. This 8-minute homage to Charles Bukowski is building up, lifting you up, caresses you tenderly, but also drops you, breaking down and smashes everything. But most of all it takes you on a relentless rollercoaster of emotions, no questions asked. This is probably why the band Ranges wants Din Of Celestial Birds to go with them on the British part of their upcoming European tour.
Other songs that stand out are MMEC and Downpour. It has this special vibe and details that reminds to the band Long Distance Calling. The Night Is For Dreamers propels the band into the premiere league of cinematic postrock, but bear in mind that this is just their debutalbum.

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