BRUECKEN – Innere Unruhen

Innere Unruhen is a German expression that we know as inner turmoil. While this can lead to fear, it can also guide a creative process or the will to make a change. Perhaps to provoke. As the opposite of inner peace, it is also the opposite of dismay, resignation, anticipation and defeat.

Innere Unruhen represents the elusive feeling of fear between cause and effect, the evidence of which is left behind as shards on the ground, the color of a dying riff, checkmate or blood on the street. Every song on Bruecken’s second album tells of such a story, or actually of the accompanying feeling. If the music alone is not enough, the titles have also been perfectly chosen to give our thoughts the right image. Fluthoch (high spring tide), Abgrundtief (deep abyss) and Zerrbild (distorted image) speak for themselves, Ataxia (Neurological disturbance of movement and balance), Lichterloh (bright lights) and Immersion will undoubtedly also evoke a certain fear. That fear image, or that unrest, can also be used as a driving force to achieve something, to progress yourself or to help others. It thus bridges the gap between people.

Bruecken connects, be a part of Bruecken!

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