Playlist 03-12-2021

Einseinseins – Graf zahl
Maybeshewill – We’ve arrived at the burning building
Immanu El – Tundra
A Talk In The Dark – La poderosa
Hammock – On the way out of no way
Lisa Cuthbert – Treading
Countdown To Midnight – How did we end up here
Driving Slow Motion – Another world
Russian Circles – Harper lewis – live
Seabreather – The wind brought your voice to me
Long Distance Calling – Old love

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Playlist 26-11-2021

No Time For Caution – Be still, hold this moment
There Was A Yeti – Above the clouds
Quiet Is The New Loud – Nothing to see
Shun – Dreaming in color
Echoes From Jupiter – L’assemblage de la fusée relativiste
Malo Moray & His Inflatable Knee – Nature’s call (listen to the hummingbird)
Endless Dive – Blurred
Hemelbestormer – Quasar

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Playlist 12-11-2021

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster – Truth escapes
Hammock – Afraid to go home
Big Space – Monochromatic
Maybeshewill – Green unpleasant land
Expanse – Expanse
Kraftwerk – Morgenspaziergang part 1 kling klang
Bipolar Explorer – The dark outside, the light within
Australasia – Please please please let me get what I want
SOM – Animals

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Playlist 05-11-2021

Loser Assoc. – Lightbreak
Old Nobody – To my everyday hero
Immanu El – Breathe out black out, pt 2
Wild Northland – Grass grows and flowers die
Slow Crush – Thrill
Clayhands – Murking
Halocraft – In the woods
Outlander – Unconditional
Grivo – Trammel

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Playlist 29-10-2021

Maybeshewill – Invincible summer
Halocraft – For the son you could not save
At The Grove – A tale of the north sea
Aperire – Dess tower
Immanu El – Tundra
Transatlantic Alliance – Bouvet island
Blue-Sky Spirits – Echo driver
Quiet Is The New Loud – We’re still here
Magnetic – Plastic perfection
Yenisei – Bitter cold

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Playlist 22-10-2021

Yenisei – Waves
Halocraft – A mother to scare away the darkness
At The Grove – With a heavy heart
The Post-Everything Collective – To the gates
The Dimidium Affair – SchwarzWeiß
At The Grove – With hopes so high
Seims – A showdown without a victim

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Playlist 15-10-2021

Pillars – Black prayer
A Talk In The Dark – Catch the wind
Endless Nation – Reaper
Non Somnia & Atonalita – My own storm
Dûrga – Roots
The Dimidium Affair – SchwarzWeiß (feat. At The Grove)
Pure Bedlam – A change of scenery
Verbian – Vesuvio
Mono – Imperfect things

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Playlist 08-10-2021

Van Gogh Season – While a seagull flies above us
Glasgow Coma Scale – Orion
Maybeshewill – Refuturing
Explosions In The Sky – Owl hunting
Swœr / When Waves Collide – Star collapse
God Is An Astronaut – Burial (live)
Rædsel – Medicore
Yenisei – Blurred horizon
Katre – The route

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