Podcast 17-03-2023

City Of The Lost – Escapism
Nomadogma – Unconscious rising
After-Math – Remember
Oiseaux-Tempete – Voodoo spinning
Year Of No Light – Interdit aux vivants, aux morts et aux chiens
Les Dunes – Mellow skies
Often The Thinker – A mother’s sting
Empires Of Light – Knife city

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Podcast 17-02-2023

After-Math – Of our dire existence
hubris. – Shade of gloom
BRUIT ≤ – Rêveur lucide
Mono – Smile
Milanku – Il sera deja trop tard
Six Days Of Calm – Uncertainty
Clouds Indoor – Where

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Podcast 08-07-2022

In The Waking World – Maybe it never was
After-Math – Fare thee well
Seabreather – Alone you are the night
Tides Of Man – Outside ourselves
Deer Park Ranger – Runes
Nils Olav – Dolphin race
VLMV – For empire
SVIN – Obelisk

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Podcast 22-04-2022

God Is An Astronaut – Fire flies and empty skies
Inezona – A self-portrait
The Dimidium Affair + At The Grove – Wars
At The Grove + Solar Sleep – Farewell (Reimagined)
Kokomo – Jungling mit apfel
Fågelle – Kär i vem som helst
Northwest – Sun
After-Math – The fault is mine
Kontinuum – Hafið Logar

Interview with The Dimidium Affair

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Podcast 17-12-2021

Align In Time – The many faces
18 Seconds – Allostasie
after-math – Embracing fear
A Place In Between – Breathe
Immanu El – Tundra
Turpentine Valley – Parabel
Toundra – El odio, part II
E-L-R – Fleurs of decay
All Shall Be Well (And All Shall Be Well And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well) – Rejoice, this might be the end

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