Podcast 02-02-2024

A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Chromium rush
Solar Sleeper – Seperation
Atonalita – The last sunset symphony
Thought Trials – Cycle 6
Explosions In The Sky – The ecstatics
Contrevents – Dislocation
Uppergaff – Ergosphere
Din Of Celestial Birds – Laureate of american lowlife
A Burial At Sea – Masterfred

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Podcast 19-01-2024

Fury & Solace – New dawn
Volkan – Bajo cielos extranos
Menessputni – Noslegums
Caspian – Malacoda
Arkitects Faiure – After loop
Din Of Celestial Birds – Utopia
Lethian Dreams – Don’t try to picture it, it’s gone
A Burial At Sea – Everything you are not

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Podcast 20-01-2023

El Ten Eleven – Not even almost
The Ocean – Preboreal
And So I Watch You From Afar – A little bit of solidarity goes a long way (live)
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
Clouds Indoor – Where
Fargo – Regensburg
Apoa – Passing lights
FORT – Ouroboros
Tiger And The Whale – A head for a crown

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Podcast 11-11-2022

Il Giardino Degli Specchi – Supernova
Falcon Arrow – Planemo x
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
God Is An Astronaut – Dark rift
The Post-Everything Collective – Disillusion
Raeziel – Renaissance
Barn Owl – Visions in dust
Montear – Dear earth

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