Podcast 06-01-2023

It Was A Good Dream – Drawing your recurve
Oldernar – Slow, flow and detach
There’s A Light – Elpis
Seabreather – A theme for twilight tides
Voice Of Art – Ten days of silence
A Reason To Travel – Buildings, ruins
Almøst Silent – Transitions
FORT – Apnoea
Distance In Time – Deep river crossing

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Podcast 10-06-2022

There’s A Light – Within the tides
Hammock – I’m a sensory explosion
Almost Silent – Grain
Kaiser Hulenstadt – Traumlandschaft
Sunbleed – Always know
Living With Giants – The moment we escaped
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Skapelse
Exxasens – Black hole
Blak – Vostok

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Podcast 01-04-2022

Oh Hiroshima – Nour
God Is An Astronaut – Barren Trees
The Sun Burns Bright – Echoes of tomorrow
Wanheda – Noumenon
PG.Lost – Versus (live)
Soonago – Besa
There’s A Light – Magnolia

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