Podcast 02-03-2018

The End Of The Ocean – Worth everything wished for
Future Coda – Junipero
Codes In The Clouds – Cold calls
Lights In The Sky – Shore
Oh Hiroshima – Insignificant numbers
TRNA – Gale
Darius – Charlotte
Beware Of Safety – Dogs

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Podcast 23-02-2018

Caspian – Darkfield
Blanket – Discoveries and beginnings
Tied To A Grizzly – Belly of the whale
Collapse Under The Empire – Disclosure
Burán – Clouds
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – I’ll make everything
EF – Delusions of grandeur
Red Light Skyscraper – Luke
This Will Destroy You – They move on tracks of never-ending light

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Podcast 16-02-2018

If These Trees Could Talk – Swallowing teeth
Somali Yacht Club – Vero
Driving Slow Motion – The great river
God Is An Astronaut – Vetus memoria
When Mountains Move – Down hill
The Best Pessimist – The half-world
Parrot – K2
I Hear Sirens – Deception has a way with words

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Podcast 09-02-2018

A Sudden Burst Of Colour – I am the storm
VLMV – All these ghosts
We Like We – Endless harmonies
Hammock – Reconciliation
Lights & Motion – Vanilla sky
If Anything Happens To The Cat – Raven steals the light
Ruins!Ruins! – Distress
PG.Lost – Ikaros
Rammen – The echo
Beyond The Waves – Perfect closures

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Podcast 02-02-2018

Blueneck – Ghosts
Long Distance Calling – Like a river
Moonlit Sailor – Minutes from somewhere else
Leech – Silent state optimizer
The Ascent Of Everest – Return to us
Joy Wants Eternity – From embrace to embrace
Audrey Fall – Wolmar
Sleep Maps – Death has two faces

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Podcast 26-01-2018

Long Distance Calling – Out there
The Sun Burns Bright – Forward we move, upward we climb
Jakub Zytecki – Lovetape
And So I Watch You From Afar – The endless shimmering
Noorvik – Denali
Lights & Motion – Pandora
Future Coda – Signs to prepare
Terraformer – Adamantine

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Podcast 19-01-2018

Noorvik – Shishaldin
Autumn Moonlight – Outlast
Dead Sea Apes – True believers (version)
Magma Waves – Blind the sun
Mooncake – Zaris
In Lights – Search
We Deserve This – Empire
CB3 – Rogue I

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Podcast 29-12-2017

The Swan Thief – Gull
Ranges – The greater lights
Distant Dream – Sleeping waves
Heron Ender – Ender
Wander – Glass
Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-a Placut – E o pasare? E un avion? Da
Grails – Chalice hymnal
Hammock – Mysterium
Rumour Cubes – Do not go gently

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Podcast 22-12-2017

Tides From Nebula – Higgs boson
Epic45 – The stars in spring
Meniscus – Simulation
Seas Of Years – Mesopelagic transmissions
Diary Of My Misanthropy – Are you dreaming
This Will Destroy You – Kitchen
Pillars – Finalita
Balmorhea – Sky could undress
All We Expected – Shortlived

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Podcast 15-12-2017

I/O – CB, MA
Silence Of The Sea – Entropy
All We Expected – Feudal
Watter – Macho milano
The Southern Sun – The village of the giants
This Patch Of Sky – Bella muerte
A Light Within – Chemical drive
Exquirla – Destruidnos Juntos

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