Podcast 28-06-2024

Anyone, Anywhere – If I could freeze this moment
God Is An Astronaut – Falling leaves
And So I Watch You From Afar – North coast megafauna
Playgrounded – Tomorrow’s rainbow
Wolvennest – Lost civilizations
Death Will Tremble To Take Us – Like a ship upon a storm
Unwed Sailor – Final feather
Those Who Ride With Giants – The resilience born in fire
Dool – House of a thousand dreams

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Podcast 21-06-2024

Myriad Drone – Vitreous
This World Has Bees – I give myself to the black empty sea
Anyone, Anywhere – Resillience
Seabreather – Niagara
Mono – Hear the wind sing
Collapse Under The Empire – Echoes
Leech – Knock knock
El Altar Del Holocausto – El silencio de un gesto

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Podcast 14-06-2024

Johnnyrandom – Bespoken Inverted MTB
Bogus Blimp – Ministry Of Police Affairs, Pt. 1
Fassine – Englander
Seabreather – Niagara
Floating In Space – Alive
God Is An Astronaut – Falling Leaves
Grimace Federation – Ghost in a Mirror
Midwest Product – Mumbler
Orange Crush – Shoresides
Paraphon Tree – Ambition and Exhaustion
Tom Furse – A Journey In Ecstasy
Bonjr – if it’s real, then i’ll stay (slowed + reverb)

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Podcast 17-05-2024

Downriver Dead Men Go – Nothing more
Filaments – Totwasser
Dvne – Reaching for telos
Ranges – VIII – Albedo redintegrata: The whitening
Jarr – Bulbs
The Green Kingdom – Endless
Airbag – Tyrants and kings
Sleepmakeswaves – Terror future

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Podcast 10-05-2024

Tars – Lima project
Atonalita – Waiting eyes
The Finch Cycle – Neuro backpack
Oh Hiroshima – Secret youth
Crows In The Rain – Echoes of the falling memories
Goodbye Meteor – We could have been radiant
Grand Aquila – Concarnatio
Dvne – Eleonora

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Podcast 03-05-2024

Ephilexia – Ghost in the rain
Mono – Oath
EF – Wolves, obey!
A Blur Within – Dusk on a plastic ocean
Movement Of Static – Perception
The Sun Burns Bright – We watched and we waited
Mountainscape – Towering monoliths
Outrun The Sunlight – Animal

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Podcast 26-04-2024

Thief – Bleed memory
James Dorsett – Defeat
Hubble – To the moon
Oh Hiroshima – Swans in a field
Million Moons – Voice of the wild
Almost Silent – Blurry
goader – moonraker
The Sun Burns Bright – The wave that took us under
Darius – Fritto misto
Dool – Self-dissect

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Podcast 19-04-2024

Lights & Motion – Gold
sleepmakeswaves – It’s here, but I have no names for it
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Avfärd
Hubble – Landing, first steps, lift off
Bantar – A sense of purpose
And In The Darkness I Was Free – Conveyor

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Podcast 12-04-2024

Our Smallest Adventures – What gives you that idea?
Red Light Skyscraper – Desert
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
X Suns – Strawberry mansion
Winter At Sea – When your fingers touch mine through a sleeping mist
Trem77 – Far away from it all
And In The Darkness I Was Free – Foxglove
Fires Burn Low – Embodiment

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