Playlist 15-10-2021

Pillars – Black prayer
A Talk In The Dark – Catch the wind
Endless Nation – Reaper
Non Somnia & Atonalita – My own storm
Dûrga – Roots
The Dimidium Affair – SchwarzWeiß (feat. At The Grove)
Pure Bedlam – A change of scenery
Verbian – Vesuvio
Mono – Imperfect things

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Playlist 01-10-2021

How The World Became A Bomb – Heian
Clayhands – Godolphin
Retreat! Retreat! – Hoff
Blue-Sky Spirits – Vessels
Endless Nation – Mega-City one
Expanse – Detachment
Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar
Mono – And eternity in an hour

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Playlist 06-08-2021

What Aleph Said – Nostalgic
Hereafter – The places we all come from
We Lost The Sea – Bogatyri
Forest Robots – This world is held together by the beauty of humble places
Collapse Under The Empire – Section V
Wang Wen – If tomorrow comes
Mono – The auguries
Driving Slow Motion – Another world

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Playlist 23-07-2021

Da Voile – Train to tokyo
What Aleph Said – Aorta
VEMA – Baikal
Mono – Riptide
Signal Hill – Celadon
Dotlights – The world we were born in no longer exists
Yellow6 – Mayday
Arroway – Ephemeris
Space Station – Long way from home

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