Podcast 05-04-2024

The Post-Everything Collective – Wanderers
The Sun Burns Bright – We watched and we waited
sleepmakeswaves – Super realm park
Movement Of Static – Remembrance
Bantar – I am tired of this mountain
Oh Hiroshima – Wild iris
Wolvenest – Adversaries
goader – Moonraker

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Podcast 29-03-2024

Unwed Sailor – Final feather
Geo Postal – Planet express
Atonalita – From the furthest sky
Myriad Drone – DYHMTTAJ
Oh Hiroshima – A handful of dust
Skyggekat – Bloodblooms
flyingdeadman – Nashville
goader – Lycanthrope

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Podcast 22-03-2024

Creek – The home we’ve built of flesh and sheets
iseeclouds – Crystalized heart
Almost Silent – Drawn in the sand
Bossk – Truth II
Ranges – III. Warhorse
Maybeshewill – All things transient
MMTH – Impuls
Bantar – I am tired of this mountain
a spark in the v(*)id – Vanish into the static

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Podcast 15-03-2024

Yakhchal – Alex dalgarno
Golden Wreath – Eyes that saw the end of the world
So Far As I Know – Omens
Lost In Kiev – A mere shift of origin
Vihar Után – Monochrome
Dawn Chorus And The Infallible Sea – Deus
Halfway Line – Tide pools
This Will Destroy You – They move on tracks of never-ending light
Sleepmakeswaves – Ritual control

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Podcast 08-03-2024

Overhead, The Albatross – Your last breath
Bantar – The wrestler
MMTH – Altérité
The Abyss Inside Us – Prayer to an absent god
Good Weather For An Airstrike – I like it when I’m driving and you fall asleep in the passenger seat
Those Who Ride With Giants – The resilience born in fire
Almost Silent – Skies
Tars – Cepheus
Goodnight Sweet Prince – Time is a ghost

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Podcast 01-03-2024

Radioshy – Kassy
Lost In Kiev – Insomnia
Soars – Repeater
Only Ever – Shift
Two Hands | One Engine – Winter blues; section 4: Melt
If These Trees Could Talk – Trail of whispering giants
Hauntologist – Gardermoen
Vemod – Inn i lysande natt

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Podcast 16-02-2024

Alonealive – Is it you?
Egoera – Galilea
Oh Hiroshima – Simulacra
Hanry – Cyclone
If These Trees Could Talk – Trail of whispering giants
Goodbye Meteor – We could have been radiant
So Far As I Know – For the heart seems hollow
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Deja vu

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Podcast 09-02-2024

Firelights – To brighter skies
flyingdeadman – Nova scotia
Pictures On Silence – Band-aids don’t stick anymore
Din Of Celestial Birds – MMEC
Notturno – Echoes and dust
Aaronson – Shipwrecks
Echotal – Kadira
Erin Malone – Settled (feat. Michael Thomas Doyle)
Ludalloy – I was the wind

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Podcast 02-02-2024

A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Chromium rush
Solar Sleeper – Seperation
Atonalita – The last sunset symphony
Thought Trials – Cycle 6
Explosions In The Sky – The ecstatics
Contrevents – Dislocation
Uppergaff – Ergosphere
Din Of Celestial Birds – Laureate of american lowlife
A Burial At Sea – Masterfred

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