Alone on the Moon debuts new “POOL OF TEARS” music video

Houston Post-rock instrumentalists Alone on the Moon debuted the stunning new music video for their song “Pool of Tears” on social media channels this week. A tribute to the artwork of experimental animators Selfburning, the new video harkens back to the band’s earliest days syncing music to moving images.

“There’s been a strong visual component to our songs from day one,” says guitarist Joe Lovchik, Alone on the Moon’s visual director. “’Pool of Tears’ was actually the first song we played together in front of an audience, and even in our earliest performances, we were already experimenting with matching images to sound. This music video is the latest evolution of our live video performances.”

The “Pool of Tears” video is a musical tribute to the short film “DIVISOR” by Russian animation duo Selfburning.

“In Selfburning, we discovered visual images that were incredibly simpatico with what we wanted this song to accomplish,” Lovchik says. “We loved the alienated quality of their film, and the more we experimented with wrapping their work around our music, the deeper the connection we were seeing form in our live audiences.”

Pool of Tears” originally appeared on Alone on the Moon’s 2015 demo, recorded as a three-piece. The band revisited the work on their new album Spectra following the addition of second guitarist Ahmad Saad, who helps expand the melancholy track with a more pronounced metallic punch.

Alone on the Moon will perform the music video live at Houston’s Last Concert Café on September 23. Spectra is available now on iTunes, Google PlaySpotify, Bandcamp, and wherever else you purchase digital music

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About Alone on the Moon
Alone on the Moon is an instrumental post-rock band from Houston, Texas. The video-obsessed quartet coalesced from the outer rim of reality in 2012 around a vision of heavy, melodic performances that seamlessly blend the analog and the digital. The band recorded its first EP in 2015 and quickly began producing pupil-dilating live spectacles across Southeast Texas, incorporating video projections, lighting arrays, and Class 2 lasers. Alone on the Moon’s vivid debut album, Spectra, is available now at and all major streaming platforms.

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