A Thousand Arms released Hemispheres: Vol. V

A Thousand Arms:
“We are pleased to announce the release of our latest post-rock compilation ‘Hemispheres: Vol. V‘ today! This volume marks our TENTH compilation to date and we are stoked on and thankful for all of the music we’ve had the opportunity to help release and promote through this outlet. As always, your continued support for both our releases and our compilations is the driving force behind our ability to put these together on a regular basis. Please take the time to unwind this weekend and immerse yourself in both sides of ‘Hemispheres: Vol. V‘.

The compilations are always split into two sides. With our ‘Hemispheres’ compilation Side A features bands solely from the Western Hemisphere while Side B features bands solely from the Eastern Hemisphere.

You can stream both sides of the compilation on Bandcamp as well as on Spotify. Be sure to follow the Spotify playlists as they are updated each year with the latest compilation.


For Bandcamp listeners, grab a free download code here to add both Side A and Side B to your Bandcamp collections.


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