Podcast 30-06-2023

Soars – Old & heavy
Oreana – Endless and shining
Transatlantic Alliance – Broken emeralds
Shy, Low – Helioentropy
Then They Flew – The edge of tomorrow
Pardals – XV
OK Wait – Sirens

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Podcast 23-06-2023

Still Mountains – Into the reach
Transatlantic Alliance – A walker without wings
Trem 77 – A headful of summer
Solstafir – Lagnaetti
Heretoir – Wastelands
Spurv – Å vente er å endre
At The Grove – The fallen
follow – The climb
Syberia – Breathe

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Podcast 16-06-2023

Wolfredt – Under the spell
A World In Grayscale – Are you with me?
Transatlantic Alliance – A walker without wings
Ison – Astr
Mushroom Giant – Aire river rapids
At The Grove & Jason Keisling – Fiore
At The Grove – The fallen
This Will Destroy You – There are some remedies worse than the disease

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Podcast 09-06-2023

April Rain – Highway hypnosis
God Is An Astronaut – Som skyer
Mordwand – All is violent, all is bright
Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Into the reach
Spurv – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Still Mountains – North
Transatlantic Alliance – Cold white

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Podcast 02-06-2023

It Was A Good Dream – A decoration for your time
A World In Grayscale – Cygnus, the swan
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
follow – Low curse
Transatlantic Alliance – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Across The Moment – Decade
April Rain – Anosognosia

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