Podcast 18-08-2023

Leech – Endymion
Soars – Old & heavy
Oh Hiroshima – A handful of dust
Törzs – Atfordul
Russian Circles – Youngblood
NYOS – Follow the hawk moth
Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree – Threatening

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Podcast 02-12-2022

Russian Circles – Mota
If These Trees Could Talk – Red forest
Glaston – This is us colliding
Falcon Arrow – Der vogel
The Sun Burns Bright – Absent
Wang Wen – Painful clown
Wanheda – A desert of real
Feed Me To The Waves – About present tense

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Podcast 19-08-2022

If These Trees Could Talk – Iron glacier
Floating In Space – The greatest view
Glaston – Rotbuch
The Post-Everything Collective – Disillusion
Russian Circles – Vlastimil
Lost In Kiev – Digital flesh
The Dimidium Affair – De Mist
Playgrounded – The death of death
Som – Clocks

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Podcast 05-08-2022

Glaston – I am whole
VLMV – There are mountains underneath us
Forest Robots – Somewhere in the early morning forest mist
Still Motions – Agnosia
Leech – Silent state optimizer
Lost In Kiev – Solastalgia
Toundra – Ruinas
Pelican – Angel tears
Russian Circles – Betrayal

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Podcast 01-07-2022

Bipolar Architecture – If words were swords
Still Motions – Agnosia
Törzs – Atfordul
Talk Talk – Desire
Arctic Rise – The visible boundary between earth and sky
Ranges – Sojourner
Psychonaut – Interbeing
Non Somnia – The abyss talked about hope
Russian Circles – Conduit

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Podcast 17-06-2022

Hereafter – Weathering the storm
In The Waking World – Yet still we live
The Sun Burns Bright – Dormant
Long Distance Calling – Giants leaving
Coldbones – Extinct
Sunbleed – Back to you
Red Sparowes – Buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow
Russian Circles – Conduit
Toundra – La larga marcha
Rise Of Belt – Paradoxa

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