Podcast 30-11-2018

Halocraft – Vertigo, the desire to fall
Hazards Of Swimming Naked – I don’t know this road
Distant Dream – Lost in the universe
Kerretta – Chroma queens
Whale Fall – Decades
Birtches – Night drive
Darker Shapes – New capture
Riah – Il sogno del buio
Alles Club – Quanto tempo
Old Faith – Cherish

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Podcast 23-11-2018

Waterways – Pangea
Leech – Melide
Halocraft – The daughter you’ve always wanted
Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Recordàre
Mono – After you comes the flood
Hazards Of Swimming Naked – Curtis
Riah – Melancolia
Sky Flying By – The road ends where the sea begins

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Podcast 16-11-2018

Edelveiss – Pictures of the sun
Feed Me To The Waves – It’s really nice weather down here
Wang Wen – Mail from the river
Omgeving – VII – Stille vernietiging
Jet Plane – Ocean
Nautilus – Despegues en plaza italia
Champagne Landing – Eschatology I: The premonition
sea, the sun – It felt like drowning

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Podcast 09-11-2018

An Evening With Knives – Sunstorm
Esben And The Witch – Dull gret
Toska – Abomasum
Coastlands – Tired eyes
Sickoakes – Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
Give Me The Dawn – We all wear masks
Ghst Mdrn – Observation
Rives – Dérive azur

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Podcast 02-11-2018

The Outsider – Yearning tides
Ghst Mdrn – We only come out at night
An Evening With Knives – Fade out
Darker Shapes – Maker (feat. Metavari)
Pavallion – Monolith
Rives – Il n’y a pas de ciel à voir, seulement du bleu
Thisquietarmy – Cometh
Movement Of Static – Diaspasis

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Podcast 26-10-2018

Feed Me To The Waves – The open narrows
Wang Wen – Daybreak
The Outsider – The other place
Ocean Districts – Funeral parade
The Ocean – Cambrian II eternal recurrence
Darker Shapes – Gondola
Celestial Wolves – Porcupine bank
Sylvaine – L’appel du vide

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Podcast 19-10-2018

Khara – Imagining ghosts
This Will Destroy You – Clubs
Ocean Districts – Doom town
The Outsider – Jötunn
Bear The Mammoth – Sank
Set And Setting – …Perenial longing
Movement Of Static – Fading from our existence
Sky Flying By – Completely lost

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Podcast 12-10-2018

Khara – Heaven can wait
Waterways – Closed minded
Last Of Us – Verlossing
Leech – Hell 8
Molecules To Minds – I am a strange loop
Oak – Claire de lune
Autism – Your loudest sound is change
We Came From The North – Tall cruise
Soonago – Kairos

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Podcast 05-10-2018

Isles – Bloom
Bear The Mammoth – Mossian
The Clouds Will Clear – Before the tempest
Mono – Ely’s heartbeat
Knulp – Let well enough alone
Sondrous – With you in time
Whale Fall – The sondersong
This Will Destroy You – Melted jubilee
A Million Bright Ambassadors Of Morning – Pale blue dot

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Podcast 28-09-2018

Leech – Sure! Looks real.
This Will Destroy You – To win, somebody’s got to lose
42DE – Solitude
Zaius – Reformer
Below A Silent Sky – Caverns of light
Holy Fawn – Drag me into the woods
Soonago – Kytos
Old Faith – Vacancy

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