Podcast 17-03-2023

City Of The Lost – Escapism
Nomadogma – Unconscious rising
After-Math – Remember
Oiseaux-Tempete – Voodoo spinning
Year Of No Light – Interdit aux vivants, aux morts et aux chiens
Les Dunes – Mellow skies
Often The Thinker – A mother’s sting
Empires Of Light – Knife city

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Podcast 10-03-2023

Aurora Falls – Hive mind
Liongeist – As soon as I stepped outside, everything got worse
Mushroom Giant – Owls
Musgravite – Cataclisma
Often The Thinker – For what’s missing
Jason Keisling – Wave goodbye
Bound – Hold
Empires Of Light – Entropic disgregations

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Podcast 03-03-2023

Moonlit Sailor – Colors in stereo
EF – Moments of momentum
Bipolar Explorer – Far away from fate
Wanheda – Akathisia
hubris. – Beneath othrys
Jason Keisling, At The Grove – On the same wavelength
Often The Thinker – Sincere belief
Indignu – A noturna
Liongeist – Turn the lights out when you leave

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Podcast 24-02-2023

The Depth Beneath Us     –  Eos
Aurora Falls     –  Post-human
hubris.  –  Beyond styx pt 1 & 2
Caspian  –  Darkfield
It Was A Good Dream  –  Linter
WuW  –  Orchaostre 4
The Ocean    –  Parabiosis

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Podcast 17-02-2023

After-Math – Of our dire existence
hubris. – Shade of gloom
BRUIT ≤ – Rêveur lucide
Mono – Smile
Milanku – Il sera deja trop tard
Six Days Of Calm – Uncertainty
Clouds Indoor – Where

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Podcast 27-01-2023

Riverside – Big tech brother
hubris. – Of light
Long Distance Calling – Sloth
Kaivo – Evermore
The Album Leaf – Breathe
Tiger And The Whale – From the ashes of a burning sky
Balm – Foscor

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Podcast 20-01-2023

El Ten Eleven – Not even almost
The Ocean – Preboreal
And So I Watch You From Afar – A little bit of solidarity goes a long way (live)
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
Clouds Indoor – Where
Fargo – Regensburg
Apoa – Passing lights
FORT – Ouroboros
Tiger And The Whale – A head for a crown

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Podcast 13-01-2023

Amalunga – We are stardust, this is our sound
Jason Keisling – On the same wavelength, feat. At The Grove
City By The Sea – My thoughts become too heavy
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Ovisshe
Often The Thinker – For what’s missing
Trem 77 – Fuzz aura
Myopolith – Technicolour doom I
The Depth Beneath Us – The call
Voyage In Solitude – And meditate through the clouds

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