Podcast 18-11-2022

Once Upon A Winter – Far end
Le Temps Du Loup – Sic semper tyrannis
Cuberdon – Gizmo pt 2
Towers Of Jupiter – Le palais de cristal
We Stood Like Kings – Flags
Desbot – Where I stand
Haven Of Echoes – The orator’s gift
Ryr – Trajectory
Nebula Glow – Outdoor mist

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Podcast 11-11-2022

Il Giardino Degli Specchi – Supernova
Falcon Arrow – Planemo x
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
God Is An Astronaut – Dark rift
The Post-Everything Collective – Disillusion
Raeziel – Renaissance
Barn Owl – Visions in dust
Montear – Dear earth

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Podcast 04-11-2022

Clouds Indoor – If you
EF – Wolves, obey!
The End Of The Ocean – Endure
Hubris. – Of light
Sunbleed – The harvest
David Arkenstone – Tokyo rain
Carved Into The Sun – The other side of despair
The V.O.I.D. – Dystopia

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Podcast 28-10-2022

Desbot – Where I stand
Carved Into The Sun – Inverness & Even as a dream
Lost In Kiev – Another end is possible
Il Giardino Degli Specchi – Pripyat
18 Seconds – Je suis la poussière dans ton troisième oeil
Indignu – Sempre que a partida vier
Ryr – Transient

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Podcast 21-10-2022

Girih – The sand
EF – Hymn of…
Trem 77 – Far away from it all
Collapse Under The Empire – Resistance
18 Seconds – Your god is black and green
We Stood Like Kings – Turtle
Lucida Dark – Oridiri

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Podcast 14-10-2022

Hanging Fields – Dust
Brutus – What have we done
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The dead flag blues
Leech – Silent state optimizer
Montear – The forest
Do Make Say Think – The landlord is dead
My Education – Time for schleep

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Podcast 07-10-2022

Le Temps Du Loup – Vertu
Crippled Black Phoenix – Everything is beautiful but us
Lost In Kiev – Prison of mind
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Avfärd
Besides – Tenth
Girih – The door
Indignu – Sempre que a partida vier
Pencey Sloe – Brutal in red

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Podcast 30-09-2022

Lorimer Burst – A present of a far distant world
Haavard – Printemps
Raedsel – Shell
PG.Lost – Weaver
18 Seconds – Sur mon corps pousseront des arbres
Carved Into The Sun – Hexis
Suir – Vampires
EF – Moments of momentum

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Podcast 23-09-2022

The Dimidium Affair – De mist
Filter Theory – No maps
Absence Of Field – Bro science
Towers Of Jupiter – The awakening of belial
Of The Vine – Left alone
Holy Fawn – Void of light
My Education – U-48
If These Trees Could Talk – Barren lands of the modern dinosaur
Lost In Kiev – We are

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