Podcast 26-10-2018

Feed Me To The Waves – The open narrows
Wang Wen – Daybreak
The Outsider – The other place
Ocean Districts – Funeral parade
The Ocean – Cambrian II eternal recurrence
Darker Shapes – Gondola
Celestial Wolves – Porcupine bank
Sylvaine – L’appel du vide

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Podcast 19-10-2018

Khara – Imagining ghosts
This Will Destroy You – Clubs
Ocean Districts – Doom town
The Outsider – Jötunn
Bear The Mammoth – Sank
Set And Setting – …Perenial longing
Movement Of Static – Fading from our existence
Sky Flying By – Completely lost

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Podcast 12-10-2018

Khara – Heaven can wait
Waterways – Closed minded
Last Of Us – Verlossing
Leech – Hell 8
Molecules To Minds – I am a strange loop
Oak – Claire de lune
Autism – Your loudest sound is change
We Came From The North – Tall cruise
Soonago – Kairos

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Podcast 05-10-2018

Isles – Bloom
Bear The Mammoth – Mossian
The Clouds Will Clear – Before the tempest
Mono – Ely’s heartbeat
Knulp – Let well enough alone
Sondrous – With you in time
Whale Fall – The sondersong
This Will Destroy You – Melted jubilee
A Million Bright Ambassadors Of Morning – Pale blue dot

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Podcast 28-09-2018

Leech – Sure! Looks real.
This Will Destroy You – To win, somebody’s got to lose
42DE – Solitude
Zaius – Reformer
Below A Silent Sky – Caverns of light
Holy Fawn – Drag me into the woods
Soonago – Kytos
Old Faith – Vacancy

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Podcast 21-09-2018

Crippled Black Phoenix – Rain black, reign heavy
Tonepoet & Cloudfall – I’m in my own world
Dawn Chorus And The Infallible Sea – Passé tranquille
Yco Sounds Project – Consumerism and submission
Le Temps Du Loup – Karellen I & II – Contact & Ascension
we.own.the.sky – Transmissions of static
The Clouds Will Clear – Deep sea mining
Ranges – Seven sisters

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Podcast 14-09-2018

Silent Island & Black Hill – The gathering of deer
April Rain – Queue up for infinity
Barren Plains – Co-pilot forever
Le Temps Du Loup – Eulerian
Mixtaped Monk – Hope to find another soul
This Will Destroy You – Escape angle
Old Faith – Reunion
Sleep Dealer – Secret fairway
Isles – The long goodbye

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Podcast 07-09-2018

A Million Bright Ambassadors Of Morning – Lights
Maserati – Inventions
Isles – A light past the clouds
Bear The Mammoth – Known unknowns
Postcards From Arkham – Owls not what they seems
Runar Blesvik – 1976
Moonlit Sailor – Skydiver
Shadow Universe – Heat
Sondrous – Something like serenity

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Podcast 31-08-2018

Barren Plains – Land of wolves (L.O.W.)
Krakow – The stranger
Crippled Black Phoenix – Great escape (pt I)
Oldernar – Hopes of a better fiction
Mogwai – Guns down
Crows In The Rain – 12-26
42DE – In drama
Alone On The Moon – Pool of tears
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Bosses hang, pt I

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Podcast 24-08-2018

Knulp – The defining story of your life
Release The Long Ships – Mist pillars
I Like Trains – North
toe – Dual harmonics
Sparkle – Pulse of the cosmos
Oh Hiroshima – What once was
And So I Watch You From Afar – Dying giants
Pictures From Nadira – Por la noche
Shels – Crown of eagle feathers

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