Podcast 28-04-2023

The Depth Beneath Us – Ahull
Long Distance Calling – Curiosity, part 2
We Shine Every Night – Wreath
And So I Watch You From Afar – Hold
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
Arctic Rise – A species with amnesia
Car Crash Weather – On the back of zeus
SOM – Enjoy the silence

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Podcast 27-01-2023

Riverside – Big tech brother
hubris. – Of light
Long Distance Calling – Sloth
Kaivo – Evermore
The Album Leaf – Breathe
Tiger And The Whale – From the ashes of a burning sky
Balm – Foscor

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Podcast 09-09-2022

Stake – Deadlock eyes
Crippled Black Phoenix – Blackout77
Besides – Tenth
Long Distance Calling – Eraser
Exxasens – Alpha
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
Glaston – Rotbuch
Floating In Space – The greatest view

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Podcast 02-09-2022

A Canyon In The Sea – Sun
Feed Me To The Waves – Never able
We Lost The Sea – The last sun
Long Distance Calling – Blood honey
Random Forest – Rainy nights
Tides From Nebula – The sweetest way to die

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Podcast 26-08-2022

In The Waking World – Illusions of time
Long Distance Calling – Eraser
Heimlich Manoever – Keiner sagt
Heilung – Nesso
VLMV – For empire
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
Shy, Low – Helioentrophy
Haven Of Echoes – Sirensong

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