Podcast 18-08-2023

Leech – Endymion
Soars – Old & heavy
Oh Hiroshima – A handful of dust
Törzs – Atfordul
Russian Circles – Youngblood
NYOS – Follow the hawk moth
Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree – Threatening

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Podcast 04-08-2023

Sigur Rós – Fall
Leech – Pick a cloud
Scaphoid – Echoes of the rift
Bear The Mammoth – Cridge
Grant The Sun – Mariana
Explosions In The Sky – Ten billion people
Jeffk – Fingers
Pulse Of Silence – Leave no footprints
The Color Of Cyan – Egress
Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene XII: Being human

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Podcast 14-10-2022

Hanging Fields – Dust
Brutus – What have we done
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The dead flag blues
Leech – Silent state optimizer
Montear – The forest
Do Make Say Think – The landlord is dead
My Education – Time for schleep

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Podcast 05-08-2022

Glaston – I am whole
VLMV – There are mountains underneath us
Forest Robots – Somewhere in the early morning forest mist
Still Motions – Agnosia
Leech – Silent state optimizer
Lost In Kiev – Solastalgia
Toundra – Ruinas
Pelican – Angel tears
Russian Circles – Betrayal

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Podcast 18-03-2022

Leech – The man with the hammer
Theos – The barnman
Nathan Fake – Cry me a bizzard (Afrodeutsch I’m here remix)
In Inertia – Kenopsia
Our Transient Lives – Burn slow, burn bright
Mordwand – Adrift upon the sleepless river
This Too Shall Pass – The art of bearing
Medussa – Terror háza
E-L-R – Seeds

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