Podcast 04-08-2023

Sigur Rós – Fall
Leech – Pick a cloud
Scaphoid – Echoes of the rift
Bear The Mammoth – Cridge
Grant The Sun – Mariana
Explosions In The Sky – Ten billion people
Jeffk – Fingers
Pulse Of Silence – Leave no footprints
The Color Of Cyan – Egress
Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene XII: Being human

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Podcast 19-05-2023

No Time For Caution – See those lights?
False Hope For The Savage – Cinders
Fargo – Berlin
Wolfredt – Skeleton key
Mushroom Giant – Owls
Jeffk – Fingers
Lost In Kiev – We are (live)
Where Mermaids Drown – Rio plata

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