Podcast 15-12-2023

Spurv – Som skyer
Ranges – III Warhorse
Oh Hiroshima – All things pass
Vaudlow – Ambivalent
In Inertia – Sincere
Arms And Sleepers – Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)
Lethian Dreams – EnVain Part 1: A distant dream somewhere
Paint The Sky Red – Putri

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Podcast 18-03-2022

Leech – The man with the hammer
Theos – The barnman
Nathan Fake – Cry me a bizzard (Afrodeutsch I’m here remix)
In Inertia – Kenopsia
Our Transient Lives – Burn slow, burn bright
Mordwand – Adrift upon the sleepless river
This Too Shall Pass – The art of bearing
Medussa – Terror háza
E-L-R – Seeds

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