Podcast 16-12-2022

We Deserve This – Spurlos
For What You Burn – Drifting underwater
City Of The Lost – Down by the river of tears
I Hear Sirens – Broken crowns
Hubris. – Of light
1 Mile North – Amidst the ship
The Clown Calls For War – Flashbacks
Feed Me To The Waves – Wither so brightly
The Depth Beneath Us – Eos

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Podcast 27-05-2022

Where Mermaids Drown – One week
PG.Lost – Versus
Ranges – The ascensionist
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Avstand
I Hear Sirens – Oblivion
Long Distance Calling – Kamilah
ROOK – The shoulder
Hiroe – Black mountain

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