Podcast 06-01-2023

It Was A Good Dream – Drawing your recurve
Oldernar – Slow, flow and detach
There’s A Light – Elpis
Seabreather – A theme for twilight tides
Voice Of Art – Ten days of silence
A Reason To Travel – Buildings, ruins
Almøst Silent – Transitions
FORT – Apnoea
Distance In Time – Deep river crossing

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Podcast 09-12-2022

The Depth Beneath Us – Loaded to the gunwales
Ropes Inside A Hole – Distance
Lost In Kiev – But you don’t care
Downriver Dead Men Go – Secret
Almøst Silent – Transitions
A Last Picture From Voyager – 40.5au
Wang Wen – Gone Library
Nebula Glow – Outdoor mist

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Podcast 03-06-2022

OK Wait – Time
Long Distance Calling – Giants leaving
Autómata – Tanger
Atonalita, feat. At The Grove – Loners in the universe
Almøst Silent – Tensions
Oh Hiroshima – Ascension
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Solaris
Venus Principle – All these words

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Podcast 29-04-2022

Barrens – Antumbra / Atomos
Long Distance Calling – Kamilah
Mogwai – Boltfor
Heimlich Manøver – Your sad soul
Ohio Mark – Horses
Sarram – The sound of a needle
Almøst Silent – Erased
Darkher – Love’s sudden death
Sunbleed – By the way the road looks

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