Playlist 29-07-2022

The Sea Shall Not Have Them – Debris
Hiroe – Black mountain
Long Distance Calling – Kamilah
Barren Lands – Dissonance theory
In The Waking World – Maybe it never was
Lost In Kiev – Solastalgia
SOM – The shape of everything (instrumental)
Møuntain – Surely looks like, charlie is about to surf
Wilderness Of Mirrors – Harmonic tremors
Bipolar Architecture – Expectations

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Playlist 22-07-2022

Wolfredt – The lost art of humming (now found again)
God Is An Astronaut – Coda (live 20 year anniversary release)
Gilmore Trail – The zone of silence
Glaston – I am whole
Deer Park Ranger – Runes
Hammock – I’m a sensory explosion
Törzs – Atfordul
The Dimidium Affair – Mouches volantes
Nordsind – Portræt i skygger

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