Podcast 22-03-2024

Creek – The home we’ve built of flesh and sheets
iseeclouds – Crystalized heart
Almost Silent – Drawn in the sand
Bossk – Truth II
Ranges – III. Warhorse
Maybeshewill – All things transient
MMTH – Impuls
Bantar – I am tired of this mountain
a spark in the v(*)id – Vanish into the static

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Podcast 22-12-2023

Vaudlow – Ambivalent
Soars – Uprise
Ranges – II. Pillar of mercy / Piller of severity
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Folded into
GGGOLDDD – Like magic
Wang Wen – Mail from the river
Wodorost – Beyond the blue
God Is An Astronaut – From dust to the beyond
AV Sunset – Empty vessels

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Podcast 15-12-2023

Spurv – Som skyer
Ranges – III Warhorse
Oh Hiroshima – All things pass
Vaudlow – Ambivalent
In Inertia – Sincere
Arms And Sleepers – Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)
Lethian Dreams – EnVain Part 1: A distant dream somewhere
Paint The Sky Red – Putri

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Podcast 17-11-2023

Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene XI: Life as war
Kota Kota – The good times
Vaudlow – Purify
MMTH – Trigger
Ranges – VII. Nigredo Melancholia: A black blacker than black
Rhone – Hazel crest
Six Days Of Calm – Transition

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