Podcast 01-06-2018

Black Flak And The Nightmare Fighters – Live on your knees or die on your feet
Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Interstellar
Blanket – Worlds collide
Collapse Under The Empire – Shoulders
Dotlights – What if you’re right and they’re wrong
Hypnos MX – Radiestesia
Stonefromthesky – In a grove
The Fierce And The Dead – Dancing robots
Spurv – Fra dypet under stenen

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Podcast 25-05-2018

The Chasing Monster – Creature
Giraffes? Giraffes! – Hug of death
The Summer Kills – There is no tomorrow
Astodan – Dahkma
Codemato – Confusão
Shores Of Orion – Requiem for a dream
Arcadian Waves – Above the mountains, beneath the clouds
Ciempiés – Intérprete del espacio
Creature In The Spiral – Always
Man Punches Cloud – Santa muerte

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Podcast 18-05-2018

Overmorrow – Homerun
Homa – Black comet
Calls – Clouds in the caves
Yedlik – Desert dawn
If These Trees Could Talk – From roots to needles
Ghost Island – Crushed
Kontinuum – Two moons
Secondhand Spaceman – Nice planet
Not A Good Sign – Frozen words

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Podcast 20-04-2018

Degree Of Arc – Ascent
Vikings In Tibet – Shire
Kontinuum – Shivers
Stephen Bailey – Sub zero
Yndi Halda – A sun coloured shaker
Sonic Black Holes – Cope
Il Giardino Degli Specchi – Il sogno di eleanor
Meniscus – Cursed
The Sun Burns Bright – Never departing shadow

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Podcast 13-04-2018

Jonescore – Alpha
Sky Flying By – The tyranny of expectations
Baulta – Different me, brand new you
Sky Architects – Birth into being
Tomorrow We Sail – Home fires
Man Mountain – Memory trace
Sleepstream – They flew in censored skies
All Shall Be Well (And All Shall Be Well And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well) – Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, reimagined
LAC – Sépia

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Podcast 30-03-2018

Zeniac – Star launcher
George Will – Mist
Creature In The Spiral – Gel
Floating In Space – We are one
Wang Wen – Homeland accent
The Mighty Missoula – Francophile
Car Crash Weather – Submerge
Light:Weave – From the treetops
Degree Of Arc – Defilade
Aesthesys – Melanocardia

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Podcast 23-03-2018

Elements And Echoes – Alpine descent
Saleeha – Through the pale dark
Caspian – Sycamore
Charun – De tranquillitate animi
Tonepoet – As the sky opens below me
Coldbones – Lost
Night Owl – Hello ghost
Skyglow – City of fools
Pallbearer – Love you to death

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Podcast 09-03-2018

Exxasens – Bright side of the moon
Audrey Fall – Petrina
Aidan – Sleepy eyes
Spyglass – Paint you red
Bowling Alone – Daisy dress
*Shels – Journey to the plains
Meadowlake – War
God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph
Darker Shapes – Old motels

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Podcast 02-03-2018

The End Of The Ocean – Worth everything wished for
Future Coda – Junipero
Codes In The Clouds – Cold calls
Lights In The Sky – Shore
Oh Hiroshima – Insignificant numbers
TRNA – Gale
Darius – Charlotte
Beware Of Safety – Dogs

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Podcast 23-02-2018

Caspian – Darkfield
Blanket – Discoveries and beginnings
Tied To A Grizzly – Belly of the whale
Collapse Under The Empire – Disclosure
Burán – Clouds
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – I’ll make everything
EF – Delusions of grandeur
Red Light Skyscraper – Luke
This Will Destroy You – They move on tracks of never-ending light

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