Podcast 10-05-2024

Tars – Lima project
Atonalita – Waiting eyes
The Finch Cycle – Neuro backpack
Oh Hiroshima – Secret youth
Crows In The Rain – Echoes of the falling memories
Goodbye Meteor – We could have been radiant
Grand Aquila – Concarnatio
Dvne – Eleonora

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Podcast 26-04-2024

Thief – Bleed memory
James Dorsett – Defeat
Hubble – To the moon
Oh Hiroshima – Swans in a field
Million Moons – Voice of the wild
Almost Silent – Blurry
goader – moonraker
The Sun Burns Bright – The wave that took us under
Darius – Fritto misto
Dool – Self-dissect

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Podcast 05-04-2024

The Post-Everything Collective – Wanderers
The Sun Burns Bright – We watched and we waited
sleepmakeswaves – Super realm park
Movement Of Static – Remembrance
Bantar – I am tired of this mountain
Oh Hiroshima – Wild iris
Wolvenest – Adversaries
goader – Moonraker

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Podcast 29-03-2024

Unwed Sailor – Final feather
Geo Postal – Planet express
Atonalita – From the furthest sky
Myriad Drone – DYHMTTAJ
Oh Hiroshima – A handful of dust
Skyggekat – Bloodblooms
flyingdeadman – Nashville
goader – Lycanthrope

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Podcast 16-02-2024

Alonealive – Is it you?
Egoera – Galilea
Oh Hiroshima – Simulacra
Hanry – Cyclone
If These Trees Could Talk – Trail of whispering giants
Goodbye Meteor – We could have been radiant
So Far As I Know – For the heart seems hollow
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Deja vu

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