Podcast 10-03-2023

Aurora Falls – Hive mind
Liongeist – As soon as I stepped outside, everything got worse
Mushroom Giant – Owls
Musgravite – Cataclisma
Often The Thinker – For what’s missing
Jason Keisling – Wave goodbye
Bound – Hold
Empires Of Light – Entropic disgregations

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Podcast 03-03-2023

Moonlit Sailor – Colors in stereo
EF – Moments of momentum
Bipolar Explorer – Far away from fate
Wanheda – Akathisia
hubris. – Beneath othrys
Jason Keisling, At The Grove – On the same wavelength
Often The Thinker – Sincere belief
Indignu – A noturna
Liongeist – Turn the lights out when you leave

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