Podcast 29-09-2023

Red Pine Mushroom – A land of dunes
Loraine – Qualm
Wodorost – Temple
Kokomo – Beware of pity
Spurv – Til en ny vår
Swart et – Her highness, lady of st. clair
Etnah – Within cycles
Nostra – Delta

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Podcast 22-04-2022

God Is An Astronaut – Fire flies and empty skies
Inezona – A self-portrait
The Dimidium Affair + At The Grove – Wars
At The Grove + Solar Sleep – Farewell (Reimagined)
Kokomo – Jungling mit apfel
Fågelle – Kär i vem som helst
Northwest – Sun
After-Math – The fault is mine
Kontinuum – Hafið Logar

Interview with The Dimidium Affair

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