Podcast 02-06-2023

It Was A Good Dream – A decoration for your time
A World In Grayscale – Cygnus, the swan
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
follow – Low curse
Transatlantic Alliance – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Across The Moment – Decade
April Rain – Anosognosia

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Podcast 03-03-2023

Moonlit Sailor – Colors in stereo
EF – Moments of momentum
Bipolar Explorer – Far away from fate
Wanheda – Akathisia
hubris. – Beneath othrys
Jason Keisling, At The Grove – On the same wavelength
Often The Thinker – Sincere belief
Indignu – A noturna
Liongeist – Turn the lights out when you leave

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Podcast 28-10-2022

Desbot – Where I stand
Carved Into The Sun – Inverness & Even as a dream
Lost In Kiev – Another end is possible
Il Giardino Degli Specchi – Pripyat
18 Seconds – Je suis la poussière dans ton troisième oeil
Indignu – Sempre que a partida vier
Ryr – Transient

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Podcast 07-10-2022

Le Temps Du Loup – Vertu
Crippled Black Phoenix – Everything is beautiful but us
Lost In Kiev – Prison of mind
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Avfärd
Besides – Tenth
Girih – The door
Indignu – Sempre que a partida vier
Pencey Sloe – Brutal in red

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Podcast 09-09-2022

Stake – Deadlock eyes
Crippled Black Phoenix – Blackout77
Besides – Tenth
Long Distance Calling – Eraser
Exxasens – Alpha
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
Glaston – Rotbuch
Floating In Space – The greatest view

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Podcast 26-08-2022

In The Waking World – Illusions of time
Long Distance Calling – Eraser
Heimlich Manoever – Keiner sagt
Heilung – Nesso
VLMV – For empire
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
Shy, Low – Helioentrophy
Haven Of Echoes – Sirensong

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