Podcast 16-02-2024

Alonealive – Is it you?
Egoera – Galilea
Oh Hiroshima – Simulacra
Hanry – Cyclone
If These Trees Could Talk – Trail of whispering giants
Goodbye Meteor – We could have been radiant
So Far As I Know – For the heart seems hollow
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Deja vu

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Podcast 26-01-2024

Goodbye Meteor – No signal
Golden Wreath – I am thinking of you
If These Trees Could Talk – Solstice
What Aleph Said – Taklamakan
Goader – Mimesis
Uppergaff – Ergosphere
Myriad Drone – Forlorn hope
Sgàile – Psalms to shout at the void

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Podcast 10-12-2021

Orsak:Oslo – Vemod
Lisa Cuthbert – Tempest
Swœr – Budapest
Red Sparowes – Giving birth to imagined saviors
Endless Dive – A brief history of a kind human
Goodbye Meteor – Play or die
The Post-Everything Collective – Waxing
Juneau – Endure
Toundra – El odio, part I

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