Podcast 12-04-2024

Our Smallest Adventures – What gives you that idea?
Red Light Skyscraper – Desert
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
X Suns – Strawberry mansion
Winter At Sea – When your fingers touch mine through a sleeping mist
Trem77 – Far away from it all
And In The Darkness I Was Free – Foxglove
Fires Burn Low – Embodiment

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Podcast 22-12-2023

Vaudlow – Ambivalent
Soars – Uprise
Ranges – II. Pillar of mercy / Piller of severity
Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Folded into
GGGOLDDD – Like magic
Wang Wen – Mail from the river
Wodorost – Beyond the blue
God Is An Astronaut – From dust to the beyond
AV Sunset – Empty vessels

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Podcast 08-12-2023

Passage – Oblique
God Is An Astronaut – Far from refuge
MMTH – Muscle Memory
Maven – Global warming
Red Light Skyscraper – Forest
Intronaut – Unpleasant
Soars – Old & heavy
Paint The Sky Red – Tamat

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Podcast 09-06-2023

April Rain – Highway hypnosis
God Is An Astronaut – Som skyer
Mordwand – All is violent, all is bright
Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Into the reach
Spurv – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Still Mountains – North
Transatlantic Alliance – Cold white

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Podcast 28-04-2023

The Depth Beneath Us – Ahull
Long Distance Calling – Curiosity, part 2
We Shine Every Night – Wreath
And So I Watch You From Afar – Hold
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
Arctic Rise – A species with amnesia
Car Crash Weather – On the back of zeus
SOM – Enjoy the silence

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