Playlist 08-10-2021

Van Gogh Season – While a seagull flies above us
Glasgow Coma Scale – Orion
Maybeshewill – Refuturing
Explosions In The Sky – Owl hunting
Swœr / When Waves Collide – Star collapse
God Is An Astronaut – Burial (live)
Rædsel – Medicore
Yenisei – Blurred horizon
Katre – The route

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Podcast 28-05-2021

Panøpsis – Eternal return
Dimwind – Slow wave deceit
Dans Dans – Naiad
Ghost Lode – Bodies for play
Where Mermaids Drown – Mydriasis
God Is An Astronaut – Forever lost (live)

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Playlist 21-05-2021

Mogwai – Here we, here we, here we go forever
Where Mermaids Drown – One week
Rædsel – Menetekel
Capitan – Enigma
Panøpsis – Eternal return
Zement – Zunder
Shem – Descension

Oslo Tapes – Bodø dakar
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
hubris. – Deimos to phobos pt 1 and 2
Jakob – Blind them with science
Pray For Sound – I have seen hell and it’s white
Hope The Flowers – I miss something
When Waves Collide – Omen

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Playlist 29-01-2021

April Rain – Tin woodsman
Mogwai – Dry fantasy
Secret Gardens – Tough conversations
Spoiwo – Verge
Mas Machina – Futile ascension
Black Narcissus – The ninth gat part II
God Is An Astronaut – Fade
Sunlight Ascending – Echos in green

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Playlist 15-01-2021

Vectorial – Nébula
Across The Moment – Omnipresence
April Rain – Mirror of ether
God Is An Astronaut – Fade
Hope The Flowers – Shout out for the sea
Indignu [lat.] – A distância não nos leva a saudade
I Hear Sirens – Sleepwalk mosaic
Stellar Death – Approaching the singularity

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Playlist 04-12-2020

Pictures On Silence – Cut off from the world
At The Grove – Sunrise
Meadowlake – I won’t let you down
Bipolar Explorer – Deux anges
Satellites – Floods
After-Math – Fever dream
H E X – Highrise
God Is An Astronaut – Burial
Barrens – Atomos

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