Podcast 02-02-2024

A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Chromium rush
Solar Sleeper – Seperation
Atonalita – The last sunset symphony
Thought Trials – Cycle 6
Explosions In The Sky – The ecstatics
Contrevents – Dislocation
Uppergaff – Ergosphere
Din Of Celestial Birds – Laureate of american lowlife
A Burial At Sea – Masterfred

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Podcast 20-10-2023

The Bronzed Chorus – Pluck
Stromkasten – Moria
The Singer Is Dead – S T R G
Building Prisons – Cantaor
Spurv – Som skyer
Kota Kota – Threadbare
Oldenar – Slow, flow and detach
itlookslikeablackhole – Pole of inacessibility
Brave Arrows – Kingmaker
Explosions In The Sky – All mountains

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Podcast 22-09-2023

Delayed Schedules – Move on
Cosmic Call – Loneliness
At The Grove – Dreamland
Lost In Kiev – Insomnia
Ghosts In The Photographs – L’Appel du vide
Amalunga – Swallow
MMTH – Relais
Explosions In The Sky – Loved ones

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Podcast 15-09-2023

At The Grove – One last struggle within
Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene IX: Almost colossus
Glaston – Colder than eris
Grant The Sun – Hits like a wave
Living With Giants – Rest
Explosions In The Sky – Moving on
The Color Of Cyan – To another road

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Podcast 04-08-2023

Sigur Rós – Fall
Leech – Pick a cloud
Scaphoid – Echoes of the rift
Bear The Mammoth – Cridge
Grant The Sun – Mariana
Explosions In The Sky – Ten billion people
Jeffk – Fingers
Pulse Of Silence – Leave no footprints
The Color Of Cyan – Egress
Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene XII: Being human

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