Podcast 20-01-2023

El Ten Eleven – Not even almost
The Ocean – Preboreal
And So I Watch You From Afar – A little bit of solidarity goes a long way (live)
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
Clouds Indoor – Where
Fargo – Regensburg
Apoa – Passing lights
FORT – Ouroboros
Tiger And The Whale – A head for a crown

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Podcast 13-01-2023

Amalunga – We are stardust, this is our sound
Jason Keisling – On the same wavelength, feat. At The Grove
City By The Sea – My thoughts become too heavy
Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – Ovisshe
Often The Thinker – For what’s missing
Trem 77 – Fuzz aura
Myopolith – Technicolour doom I
The Depth Beneath Us – The call
Voyage In Solitude – And meditate through the clouds

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Podcast 06-01-2023

It Was A Good Dream – Drawing your recurve
Oldernar – Slow, flow and detach
There’s A Light – Elpis
Seabreather – A theme for twilight tides
Voice Of Art – Ten days of silence
A Reason To Travel – Buildings, ruins
Almøst Silent – Transitions
FORT – Apnoea
Distance In Time – Deep river crossing

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Podcast 30-12-2022

l a p s e s – Do geese see god?
Sleep Dealer – Motherland
Meine Stille – Be my blue sky!
In/Waves – Northfleet
Ranges – Crown
Atonalita (feat Yenisei) – Looking back at home
Seabreather – Together we are the sky (act II)
Soonago – Evac

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Podcast 23-12-2022

Ephilexia – Stay there, stars!
Ever Onward & Oreana – They shimmer, they glow
God Is An Astronaut – Adrift
Glaston – Shimmering (everything’s connected)
Nordic Giants – Convergence
Vikings In Tibet – Glen (half asleep)
It Was A Good Dream – Drawing your recurve
Ropes Inside A Hole – Distance
Bruit ≤ – Parasite (the boycott manifesto)

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Podcast 16-12-2022

We Deserve This – Spurlos
For What You Burn – Drifting underwater
City Of The Lost – Down by the river of tears
I Hear Sirens – Broken crowns
Hubris. – Of light
1 Mile North – Amidst the ship
The Clown Calls For War – Flashbacks
Feed Me To The Waves – Wither so brightly
The Depth Beneath Us – Eos

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Podcast 09-12-2022

The Depth Beneath Us – Loaded to the gunwales
Ropes Inside A Hole – Distance
Lost In Kiev – But you don’t care
Downriver Dead Men Go – Secret
Almøst Silent – Transitions
A Last Picture From Voyager – 40.5au
Wang Wen – Gone Library
Nebula Glow – Outdoor mist

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Podcast 02-12-2022

Russian Circles – Mota
If These Trees Could Talk – Red forest
Glaston – This is us colliding
Falcon Arrow – Der vogel
The Sun Burns Bright – Absent
Wang Wen – Painful clown
Wanheda – A desert of real
Feed Me To The Waves – About present tense

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Podcast 25-11-2022

We Stood Like Kings – Avalanche
Hubris. – Of light
Carved Into The Sun – Night without name
Ephilexia – Hell cop
Wang Wen – Ninja tiger
Feed Me To The Waves – The now and the longing
Onségen Ensemble – The sleeping lion
Theos – II

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Podcast 18-11-2022

Once Upon A Winter – Far end
Le Temps Du Loup – Sic semper tyrannis
Cuberdon – Gizmo pt 2
Towers Of Jupiter – Le palais de cristal
We Stood Like Kings – Flags
Desbot – Where I stand
Haven Of Echoes – The orator’s gift
Ryr – Trajectory
Nebula Glow – Outdoor mist

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