Podcast 01-09-2023

Atonalita – Autumn
April Rain – Ground zero
Etnah – Waridi
Deafheaven – Shellstar
Sigur Rós – Kettur
Shipwreck Karpathos – Scene XII: Being human
At The Grove – In search
Countdown To Midnight – A man who was lying only to himself
MMTH – Muscle memory

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Podcast 14-07-2023

Pulse Of Silence – Neti neti
Collapse Under The Empire – Revelation
Metide – Lethe
OK Wait – Horses
At The Grove – The fallen
April Rain – Ground zero
Lesotho – Crown of echoes
Carved Into The Sun – The earth fell away on every side

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Podcast 09-06-2023

April Rain – Highway hypnosis
God Is An Astronaut – Som skyer
Mordwand – All is violent, all is bright
Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Into the reach
Spurv – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Still Mountains – North
Transatlantic Alliance – Cold white

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Podcast 02-06-2023

It Was A Good Dream – A decoration for your time
A World In Grayscale – Cygnus, the swan
Indignu – Urge decifrar no céu
follow – Low curse
Transatlantic Alliance – Saint wulfstan (Mogwai remix)
Across The Moment – Decade
April Rain – Anosognosia

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