Playlist 07-05-2021

Perfect Paradox – Still life
Almøst Silent – Frames
At The Grove – Night gloom
Noêta – Above and below
Once Were Ghosts – Falling without a parachute
Oreana – Dreams like winter dust
Alpha Du Centaure – Ces jours qui disparaissent
Fort – Apnoea
Böira – Postcards

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Playlist 08-01-2021

Luminance – Diamond rope
Lost In A Detail – Don’t mess up your chances
Besides – Touch of red widow
le_mol – Hands
Nostra – Law of the tongue
PG.Lost – Waves
Alpha Du Centaure – Ces jours qui disparaissent
Envy – Rhythm

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Playlist 11-12-2020

Light Field Reverie – Dreamwalker
A Burial At Sea – Breezehome
Anthroprophh – You have sailed with a furious soul
Alpha Du Centaure – Saudade Insomnium
Collapse Under The Empire – Destruction
Sens Dep – Will you
Envy – Footsteps in the distance
PG.Lost – The headless man

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