Podcast 09-02-2024

Firelights – To brighter skies
flyingdeadman – Nova scotia
Pictures On Silence – Band-aids don’t stick anymore
Din Of Celestial Birds – MMEC
Notturno – Echoes and dust
Aaronson – Shipwrecks
Echotal – Kadira
Erin Malone – Settled (feat. Michael Thomas Doyle)
Ludalloy – I was the wind

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Podcast 24-11-2023

The Abyss Inside Us – Earth two
November Might Be Fine – Dream
Solstafir – Ótta
Aaronson – Shipwrecks
Six Days Of Calm – Transition
*Shels – The conference of the birds
From The Current – On the wind
Tides From Nebula – The haunting

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