Playlist 03-12-2021

Einseinseins – Graf zahl
Maybeshewill – We’ve arrived at the burning building
Immanu El – Tundra
A Talk In The Dark – La poderosa
Hammock – On the way out of no way
Lisa Cuthbert – Treading
Countdown To Midnight – How did we end up here
Driving Slow Motion – Another world
Russian Circles – Harper lewis – live
Seabreather – The wind brought your voice to me
Long Distance Calling – Old love

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Playlist 10-09-2021

Non Somnia – The end of the world
Long Hallways – The spell that freed you
We Shine Every Night – Night communion
A Talk In The Dark – Fluttering wing
Expanse – Detachment
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Probability approaches infinity
Explosions In The Sky – Climbing bear
Erin Malone – Cleanse
Lesotho – Altar fire

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