Podcast 03-11-2023

Brave Arrows – Close to the stem
Rhone – Hazel crest
First Came The Shadow – Shadows
The Singer Is Dead – R Y L B
Stromkasten – Bits and pieces
A Last Picture From Voyager – Golden memories
Atonalita – Winter
Jan-Dirk Platek + Heimlich Manover – Blickkontakte
Mono – Riptide

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Podcast 09-12-2022

The Depth Beneath Us – Loaded to the gunwales
Ropes Inside A Hole – Distance
Lost In Kiev – But you don’t care
Downriver Dead Men Go – Secret
Almøst Silent – Transitions
A Last Picture From Voyager – 40.5au
Wang Wen – Gone Library
Nebula Glow – Outdoor mist

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